Why iFX

When you choose iFX, you are choosing to succeed. We don't just provide you with a website, we provide you with and entire marketing system — tested and proven — that empowers you to increase leads and generate new sales. You will own your technology, your content, your leads and your destiny.

We know where your customers are and what they want.

Almost every person on the planet uses the Internet exclusively to research products and services before making a purchasing decision.

  • Traditional advertising has become a less effective way to reach people.
  • Cold-calling gets you kicked out of buildings, and caller ID makes it more difficult to reach decision makers.
  • Tradeshows can cost thousands with very little return on investment.

We are ready for the challenge.

We excel at transitioning businesses like yours to Internet marketing. So, if:

  • You hired an agency (once, twice, three times) to design your website, but aren’t achieving your goals.
  • Your marketing dollars aren’t producing the results they once did.
  • Sales are down and your sales team is complaining about quality leads. You need change.

We are professional, proactive and empathetic.

We are experts at helping businesses like yours increase leads and gain new customers.

  • We recently helped a franchise increase their web traffic by 145% in one year.
  • After a rebrand, new website and improved marketing plan, an engineering firm increased its leads by 415%.
  • We teach hundreds of people per year how to increase traffic, conversions and sales.

Our Content Management and Marketing System

We've spend the past several years designing and developing a truely unique content management and marketing system that will revolutionize your marketing. The platform uses the best open source tools available to create, manage and promote all of your digital marketing pieces.

From creating new pages and forms, to tracking which campaigns provide the most value to your business, Open Enterprise will save you time, money and frustration.

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