Product Hunt: Must Use Tools for Marketers

October 7, 2015 by Felipa Villegas
product hunt for marketers

Using Product Hunt as a source for the latest and greatest ideas and inventions always comes in hand for marketers, small businesses, startups, freelancers, or just anyone looking to see what new innovations can help them. Below are some of the tools we found useful for marketers to cut the time of creating content.

Pablo by Buffer 

Pablo by Buffer is like a simple version of Canva built into Buffer App. You can create or upload any image as a background to the site and type any text you’d like into the text box. The text box acts similar to Twitter's in that it shows you when you've gone over 140 characters. Pablo has pre-loaded background images that are free-to-use because they are partnered with UnSplash. You can make the text as large or smaller as you'd like, change font type or color, switch the photo to a blurred or black-and-white image effect, move the elements around, and add a secondary line of text or even an icon. In our example, we added our iFX logo to the corner of the image. 


Hemingway Editor 2.0

Any good marketer knows that besides creating content, you have to have readable content. It also has to look nice to your readers. Nothing is worse than writing a great article but with no headings to the text it just comes across as boring. You also have to be aware of wordiness. In comes Hemingway Editor. This editor is an app for both Mac OSx and Windows that allows writers have a distraction free text editor. It's similar to Grammarly in that it also helps with wordiness and grammar. Cutting your editing in half.

Hemingway also now allows you to download your writing in HTML or Markdown for any blog platform or CMS. Another feature is being able to download Microsoft Word documents so you avoid the copy & paste between both apps. 

Source: Hemingway Editor 2.o


MixMax is a neat little Google Mail Extension that allows you to have pre-made templates, track emails, see who opens it and when they open it, as well as how many times they go back to it. You can even send emails later, in other words, schedule your emails. There are some limitations, however, if you opt for the free account you will not have access to all the features as the paid plans, but most of the sought after features are available, like tracking and templates. You are only allowed to schedule 10 emails in the free account opposed to paid plans that allow for unlimited scheduling. MixMax is similar to Hubspost's Sidekick and ToutApp. Give it a try and learn how you can send more effective emails.


What are some useful tools you use to cut corners on your marketing creation or business hacks?